How it works

How does Study Hall work you may ask, Well here you will find out

How this all fits together

The Study Hall platform allows for easy distribution of test and exercises to students who are busy studying for that all important exam. Exercises and tests are available online as well as via a PC tablet allowing students to prepare themselves by both understanding the format of questions they can expect in the exam as well as gauge their over all knowledge of the subject matter.

The `Study Hall Educate` version is specifically aimed at learning institutions to assist them in creating and distributing custom tests and exercises for their own students. The solution allows educators to not only create custom exercises and tests but to monitor progress of individual students there by making it possible to assist and rectify any short comings in the lesson plan and the students overall understanding of the content.

The Study Hall Community` edition allows school students from all walks of life to access 100`s of online exercises and tests as well as PDF exercises.