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Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Currently we cover the CAPS curriculum used in South African schools and is therefore relevant to what is being studied and can be expected in tests and exams. Both private and public schools are covered. We are however adding additional curriculum that can be used in home schooling etc.

We cover the majority of subjects and topics currently under the CAPS curriculum, to view a full list please see Subjects and Topics.

Studyhall only partners with approved service providers who have qualified teachers and educators developing the content for our platform. Strict quality control and curriculum aligned methodologies are employed to ensure that our content is of a high quality and relevant to the subject being studied.

The Studyhall system is available online as well as offline in the case of the PDF downloadable exercises. If you use the online version you will need Internet access at all times as the system is delivered via an Internet platform.

As our subscription`s are grade based they will be valid until the end of the school year in which you have subscribed.